Physical Education

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Please bring a calculator to each session.

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Teacher in charge: Glen Urbani

Glen is one of the leading Physical Education teachers in the state. Glen has taught Year 12 Physical Education for more than 25 years. He has spoken at conferences, run workshops and written textbooks on concept integration for Year 12 Physical Education concepts, exam techniques and preparation.

Qualifications: B.Ed., Dip. T., Dip. Phys Ed.

Session A – Key concept 1: sources of energy affecting physical performance

  • Sources of macro-nutrients: fats, carbohydrates, protein
  • Food breakdown into nutrients: glucose, glycogen, triglycerides, free fatty acids
  • Aerobic and anaerobic energy: ATP-CP system, lactic acid system, oxygen system
  • Contribution of energy systems in specific activities
  • Acute responses to exercise: responses in the circulatory, respiratory, and muscular systems

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Session B – Key concept 2: effects of training and evaluation on physical performance

  • Chronic adaptations to aerobic and anaerobic training: circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems at different levels of intensity and duration (rest, submaximal and maximal effort)
  • Activity analysis in relation to the demands of sport and physical activity
  • Measurement and monitoring of fitness and energy components relevant to performance
  • Training principles and methods specific to fitness factors and physical activities




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Session C – Key concept 3: specific physiological factors affecting performance

  • Body stature and composition
  • Environmental considerations and performance
  • Nutrition and performance: pre-event, during the event, post-event, and hydration
  • Fatigue, recovery and physical performance

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Session D – Key concept 4: skills acquisition, and key concept 5: specific factors affecting learning

Key concept 4: skills acquisition

  • The classification of skills
  • The characteristics of a skilled performer
  • The stages of skill learning
  • The learning process in acquiring physical skills

Key concept 5: specific factors affecting skill learning

  • The nature of the task
  • Practice and feedback
  • Physical environmental factors
  • Characteristics of a skilled learner
  • Retention of learning
  • Timing and anticipation

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Session E – Exam preparation

  • A detailed analysis of the structure of the exam format
  • Exam skills and techniques

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