English Literary Studies

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We do more than revise key theory and solve past exam questions.
Each session also includes:
• finer points of exam preparation
• how to decode unusual exam questions
• how to answer questions to the marker’s requirements for maximum marks.

Students may also be interested in the related  Essay & Writing Skills seminar, which will address writing techniques for essays.

Teacher in charge: Roy Webb

Roy is an enthusiastic, highly successful senior teacher. He has taught English for more than 25 years at a Year 12 level. Roy has also taught History for more than 20 years.  He specialises in essay development according to the examiner’s requirements.

Expect clear, concise explanations and a highly interactive approach.

Qualifications: B.Ed., Dip.T.

Session A – Critical Reading of Written and Visual Texts

This session will provide a range of strategies for critically analysing techniques used by writers to convey their message to an audience.


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Session B – Shared Texts Study (Prose, Poetry, Drama)

You will be shown how to develop skills in:
– Reading, understanding and analysing written and visual texts (prose, poetry and drama).

This session has been cancelled for April 2018.


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