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Physical Education

To thoroughly revise the P.E. course, you should attend all the seminars listed below. However, this is not compulsory and you may choose any combination of sessions.

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Teacher in charge / Glen Urbani
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Glen is one of the leading Physical Education teachers in the state. Glen has taught Year 12 Physical Education for more than 25 years. He has spoken at conferences, run workshops and written textbooks on concept integration for Year 12 Physical Education concepts, exam techniques and preparation.

Qualifications: B.Ed., Dip. T., Dip. Phys Ed.

Session A

Key Concept 1: The Sources of Energy Affecting Physical Performance

  • Sources of nutrients: fats, carbohydrates, protein
  • Chemical breakdown of nutrients: glucose, glycogen, free fatty acids
  • Aerobic and anaerobic energy: ATP-CP system, lactic acid system, oxygen system
  • Contributions of energy systems in specific activities
  • Acute responses to exercise: responses in the circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems to provide energy

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Session B

Key Concept 2: The Effects of Training and Evaluation on Physical Performance

  • Chronic responses to aerobic and anaerobic training: circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems at rest; submaximal and maximal exercise
  • Analysis of energy demands of sport and training prescriptions
  • Measurement and monitoring of fitness relevant to performance
  • Training principles and methods specific to fitness factors and to physical activities

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