Revision Seminars

Bookings for July (Term 2) Revision Seminars are open now!

Adelaide Tuition Centre’s Revision Seminars are Year 12 revision courses held in in the Term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays at St. Aloysius College. Each seminar summarises important theory, key concepts and practical skills essential to a wide variety of Year 12 SACE subjects. Each three-hour session focuses on reviewing all key aspects of theory, followed by individual discussion and practical problem-solving. Students are also provided with exclusive seminar notes, designed by expert teachers.

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Why choose us?

Essentials Advantage:
Seminar teachers are senior specialists with past SACE exam marking experience. They include authors of our Essentials workbooks. Essentials authors also design our seminar notes – which link directly to your Essentials workbook.
Small Classes Smaller Classes:
We are committed to keeping class sizes at a maximum of 18 students, to allow for more individual attention.
Experience Experience:
We established the first Year 12 seminars in 1986 and have helped more than 45,000 students achieve their personal best.
Individual Choice Individual Choice:
We give you the flexibility to pick and choose the sessions that are most relevant to you, saving you valuable time and money.
Tailored Ability Groups Tailored Ability Groups:
High-achievers program: For students scoring an A grade or higher
Mid-range program: For students scoring a B-C grade.
Special support program: For students scoring a D grade or less.
Outstanding Results Outstanding Results:
Average improvement is consistently between 10–14% per subject for all students of all ability levels.
Each year since 1986, at least one student from our high-achiever’s program has achieved perfect scores in all of their subjects or been awarded a subject medal.

Where are they held?

St. Aloysius College, Adelaide. Enter via 38 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Please note that bookings cannot be made through St. Aloysius College. Please call Adelaide Tuition Centre (08 8241 5568) with any Revision Seminar enquiries.

2018 revision seminar dates

Term 1
Week 1: Monday April 16th – Thursday April 19th

Term 2
Week 1: Monday July 9th – Friday July 13th
Week 2: Monday July 16th – Friday July 20th

Term 3
Week 1: Monday October 1st – Friday October 5th (seminars on Monday October 1st public holiday will go ahead as scheduled)
Week 2: Monday October 8th – Friday October 12th


If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our revision seminars please email