Revision Seminars

Adelaide Tuition Centre’s Revision Seminars are Year 12 study courses held in the Term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays.

Each three-hour seminar summarises important theory, key concepts and practical skills essential to each Year 12 SACE subject.

Students are also provided with exclusive seminar notes, designed by expert teachers.

Our greatest priority at this time is the health and safety of our students and teaching staff. We are following the advice of the Department of Education and SA Health to ensure the wellbeing of those utilizing our services.

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Why choose us?

Learn from the best

All of our seminar instructors are senior specialist teachers with SACE exam marking experience. Our course material, written by subject experts, reinforces theory and encourages problem-solving through exam-style exercises.

Revise effectively and efficiently

Our seminars are far more focused and efficient compared to you trying to work at home alone. The more time you put in, the higher your marks. Our seminars save you hours of wasted effort and pointless worry. Get the work done quickly and thoroughly and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Study in smaller class groups

You won’t be in a lecture hall surrounded by hundreds of other students. Our group sizes average 8 to 19 students per class. You gain more personal attention, can ask more questions, and work at your own pace.

Choose your own program

Take the full program for a subject, or focus on key topics by choosing individual three-hour sessions. This freedom means you can spend your time more effectively according to your needs.

Work at your own level

We design unique approaches and material for different ability levels. Where possible, we’ll place you within an ability group best suited to your test marks.

Achieve outstanding results

Average improvement is consistently between 10–14% per subject for students of all ability levels. Each year at least one of our students achieves perfect scores in all of their subjects or wins a subject medal.