The Adelaide Tuition Centre was established in 1980. Our aim is to provide the highest quality tuition and educational products to SACE students in Australia, as well as in Malaysia and China. We offer Year 12 revision seminars and short courses, Essentials Education workbooks and textbooks.


The Adelaide Tuition Centre established the first Year 12 seminars in Adelaide in 1986 and has helped more than 45,000 students to achieve their personal best. We offer revision seminars for Year 12 students in the Term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays. These seminars are designed for students who wish to revise key theory and concepts and to practise answering questions to examiners’ standards. Our Study Skills seminar helps to equip students with the extra skills they need to approach Year 12 with confidence and calm.

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What are the benefits of seminars?

We offer class-sized sessions led by expert teachers, whose goal is to help you understand the material and how it is assessed. When you sit your exams, we want you to feel prepared. You know the theory. You’ve seen questions like these before. Understanding the unknown, and the expectations of the examiners, can make a world of difference on exam day.

Our results speak for themselves. According to student surveys (2018), students who attended seminars in at least two terms increased their grades by an average of 2 grade bands. 100% of students who attended in Terms 1, 2 and 3 increased their grades.

2018 Merit achievements

In 2018, students who attended our seminars achieved amazing results. One in eight students achieved at least one Merit; two students achieved Merits in five subjects. Five seminar students were awarded with Governor’s Commendations. Overall, seminar students achieved 133 Merits.

Of total Merits awarded, Year 12 Revision Seminar students represented:

20% of Biology Merits
22% of Chemistry Merits
12% of General Mathematics Merits
17% of Legal Studies Merits
13% of Mathematical Methods Merits
42% of Nutrition Merits
16% of Physics Merits
10% of Psychology Merits

Congratulations to the 2018 graduates!

When will seminars run in 2020?

Seminars run in the Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 holidays. As the year progresses, new sessions and subjects are added. The Term 1 seminars take place only in the first week of the school holidays; in Terms 2 and 3, the seminars run over both weeks, with lots of timetable options for a flexible program.

Term 1
Tuesday to Friday, April 14 to 17

Term 2
Monday to Friday, July 6 to 10
Monday to Friday, July 13 to 17

Term 3
Monday to Saturday, September 28 to October 3
Monday to Saturday, October 5 to 10. Please note: sessions will run as scheduled on the October 5 public holiday.

Bookings open approximately 10 weeks before seminars begin (usually Week 1 or 2 of the relevant Term).

Small Group Tuition

Our weekly Small Group sessions help to provide ongoing support to students throughout the year for Biology, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Nutrition.

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Short courses

We currently offer additional short courses to further support Year 12 students during their crucial final year, including Virtual Seminar programs during the school holidays and Exam Prep sessions in the lead up to Year 12 exams.

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Essentials Education

Our Essentials series of books includes workbooks and Key Ideas textbooks specifically designed for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). These publications and their authors have a long-standing reputation for excellence.

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